Sales of I Heart Paws products, through our 50% of profits given initiative. Every time a product is purchased, a nonprofit animal rescue is supported.

Whether you make an individual purchase, gifted purchase or corporate gift 50% of I Heart Paws profit is donated.

Supporting nonprofit animal rescues is our priority, the financial sustainability and future of helping those find a forever home rest in their mission.

Animal nonprofit rescues shutdown at an alarming rate within the first 3 years due to financial instability and lack of professional resources. I Heart Paws is here to solve this problem.

Networking and communication. I Heart Paws provides marketing, awareness & resources to a larger social network of individuals & companies so nonprofit animal rescues can focus on what they do best. Finding more forever homes.

I Heart Paws collaborates with a large network of businesses and partners to provide more services to allow for more logistical support, production and awareness to our partnered nonprofit missions.